Skills & data driven models

Data as a driver

The intangible nature of skills and the fact that value creation is often indirect and not immediate, creates challenges for the definition of credible evaluation indicators of the skills.

In order to evaluate the effectiveness of any training program or skills management set-up, a holistic view of the learning landscape is needed.  Boudin Analytics learning algorithms, that improve with the increasing amount of data, is a way forward in interpreting the link between training programs held, skills generated, and financial targets met.

Performance indicators for measurable benefits of training

Creating valid, reliable financial relationships between learning results of the personnel, increased sales and other performance indicators in large companies can be difficult. The effects of learning resulting to applicable skills are notoriously difficult to evaluate, particularly in monetary terms.

When a company is selling tens of products, you have to provision several product related learning paths for each product. Each single path consists of several independent training courses.  A corporation employing tens of thousands and having thousands of sales representatives in the reseller and sales network is facing problems when trying to keep track of the individual learning results.

Complex reality of training

When you start looking for causal relationships between the learning results of individuals and product sales and other financial results of a corporation, you will face problems.  It is hard to align the skills of an individual with the financial results of the company due to the following reasons which all might have an effect on the financial performance of the company: Political atmosphere, international competition and status of the financial markets.

Our insights describe the stochastic connections, which on purpose do not allow explicit conclusions to be made about individuals or about the causality of single incidents. This highlights the empirical relevance of the insights.

Relate training with results

One gets the probabilities for increased sales of a certain product, after the learning results of product related skills are analyzed.  With increasing number of results from the test reports of your trained personnel, Boudin Analytics gives deeper company specific insights for sales improvement.

You can focus on the key topics having impact on your financial numbers when you know how much you can increase your sales with pinpointed product sales training of your own and extended personnel.

The quality of the training material for your sales network has a huge impact on learning results and consequently on your overall profitability.  Only high-quality learning materials should be used.  Make your learning content providers test the impact of their training materials in advance. Boudin Analytics will help you in this and the result will be increased sales.