Increase sales and create value with targeted skills

Boudin Analytics is the company with a special focus on analyzing data from SAP HR and Success Factors.

We use our SaaS analytics capability and a delivery model of 5 easy steps to grant access to insights into the world of skills.

We help companies increase sales by utilizing available company training records in combination with their relevant KPIs.

Skills matter and people drive value

At the core of any organization is the notion that its people are the ones that drive and generate value. To be more precise, the level of their skills has a direct impact on financial performance. For instance, do you know how much additional sales you can achieve with pinpointed product sales training, or how much additional cost is generated due to random variations in customer service?

Easy access to data and analytics

Wouldn’t it be great to retrieve critical performance data from your Human Resources systems with the same ease as you get the answers from Google or Facebook? Everything at your fingertips right away. You can focus on utilizing the critical numbers.

Focus on Sales Competence and Customer Service

Boudin Analytics gives you insights into how well your personnel master the vital sales and service skills across product palettes and company locations. You can slice and dice to find out, for instance, how skill levels internally or at resellers relate to product sales, product profitability, or any other key metric you regularly follow.

Data elements such as churn, or newly acquired skills can also be utilized as inputs for analysis. This information is included for all products across the locations on product and subtotal levels of your standard sales reporting.

Extract the value from the skills

The value zone lies deep in the heart of your organization within the personnel who is responsible for the processes creating product sales.  The level of their skills is one of the key topics having impact on your numbers.

Separate the signals from the noise

The insights in our analysis have a group-related statistic character.  They describe the stochastic relationships within groups, which never allow explicit conclusions to be made about individuals of the population or about the causality of single incidents.  This doesn’t however reduce the empirical relevance of the insights.

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