Measure training material quality

Quality is important

The quality of training material has a huge impact on learning results, and Boudin Analytics can help to test the impact of training materials in advance resulting in significant cost savings and improvement in operational efficiency.

Boudin Analytics makes quantitative assessments in the form of probability estimates, describing the expected increases in product and product line revenues.

Furthermore, the effectiveness of the material of a single training course can also be tested with a small test panel before its launch, and modified if necessary.

All in all, with Boudin Analytics you can get the full picture of the effectiveness of your training material, both quantitatively and qualitatively with a truly valid approach.

Do you know how to evaluate training content?

In every company the personnel are in the core of value creation. In order to perform at work they need to have adequate and up-to-date skills.  A successful employer makes sure that the learning processes in the company are tailored to meet the requirements of the business needs.  Well thought training programs must be in place to provide students with fresh, interesting and effective learning material.

Estimate for the rapid identification of training quality

The quality of learning courses usually becomes visible in reports only after quite some time after the completion of the courses.  Wouldn’t it be great to know somewhat earlier how your training meets the business requirements?  With Boudin Analytics you have the ability to evaluate the quality of your training materials and their effects on your numbers, before the course is launched in large scale.

Boudin Analytics is the modern upfront way to evaluate the effectiveness of the training materials and training courses.  The impact of training materials can be identified by a small test panel before a company wide launch and modified if necessary. The size of the test population is constant and there is no need to modify it according to random test score distributions.

Get estimates for the effectiveness of your training

Both online training providers and companies tailoring company specific training materials can benefit from Boudin Analytics.  They know in advance, before presenting the training product, how well their material will help the company, employees, resellers and business partners, to meet the business objectives and challenges even in disruptive markets.

A primary goal is to enhance sales results through empowerment of regular members of the workforce, help those who are performing well to perform even better and to assist those who need support in meeting and exceeding their targets today and in the future.