Know the skills of your people

White spots in managing skills?

Obviously having people with the correct knowledge and skill sets ensure their meaningful contribution to corporate goals. The question is: Are the skill levels of your personnel on product level or across locations well known?  Are these skills on the correct level when compared to product sales, product profitability or other key metrics?

Only certified skills monitored?

Usually only the results of mandatory or certified skills are recorded and routinely monitored. Could it be that other strategic skill sets are equally important and that they should be absolutely assessed?

The challenges of assessment and validity

Being up to date if the required product skills are present in the organization is vital, and so is knowing the impact of sales training programs on actual sales. But a lot more is also required, validity and expiration of taken courses is vital, in particular in big organizations employing thousands of people or in companies with significant personnel churn. We at Boudin Analytics are the ones making sense of this sea of data and giving you the tools to navigate it with ease.

Do you know the skills of your people?

Having people with the correct knowledge and skills will ensure a meaningful contribution to improved sales. Do you know what are the skill levels of your personnel on product level across your locations?

Assessment of the reached levels of required product skills for enabling planned sales are needed, as well as knowledge about the impact of the quality of training content on your sales.  Do you know when all individual members of your organization received their training?  Is the content of their training still valid today?

Accountability and transparency

When you employ thousands or tens of thousands of people, who have been trained within a couple of years, it is hard to determine the current level and the freshness of their skills on subtotal levels of your sales reports in all of your locations.

One needs a system to take into account the following effects: Validity of individual trainings, knowledge becoming obsolete and churn of your workforce. Boudin Analytics is the answer for your important learning assessment issues.