Boudin Skills Analytics Services

Boudin Analytics Services

The products or services are in the centre of every company. Special attention needs to be given, that the skills of the personnel can be easily linked with dedicated products and business locations. You might need for example a visual, that explains the present level of skills at retailers located in Berlin and Northern Germany following the normal product based reporting structure as your sales financials. 

The actual training needs broken down by different courses, the headcount numbers, locations, and training schedules are easily extracted from the Training Insights service working seamlessly together with our Skills Map service. Boudin Analytics services are designed to help the everyday life of training professional. 

Boudin Analytics consists of following services, which are explained here:  

Boudin Skills Map

Skills Map helps you find out the status of sales- and service- and other important skills within your organisation. Further you get visuals about the sufficiency of required skills to fill the successfully vacant positions within the organisation, and it gives guidelines for future training needs to meet future development targets. This is accomplished by using product or service specific skillspools.

Boudin Training Insights

Training Insights gives you practical information about detailed training needs. When are the subsequent training sessions due to take place, at which locations and for which products and/or courses. Training Insights service confirms that the level of skills of the personnel is in compliance with company specific skills levels also in future.

 Boudin Content Master

Content Master gives you an assessment of the applicability and effectivity of the various training courses. This helps you to predict, which training content is most efficient for increasing sales of products and services. Results are instantly available with no need to wait for actual sales figures. This enables testing the efficiency and functionality of different content versions rapidly already at the content provider.

Boudin Skills Value

Skills Value quantifies the impact of employee skills related to specific products or services on different KPIs. You get a clear picture of the financial value of skills. Skills Value helps to visualise those products, company locations and sales outlets, where additional sales training is financially justified. Skills Value demonstrates how much you could increase your sales by focused training. This service shows the skills effect on additional sales and economical rationality.