About us

Boudin Analytics is a skills analytics platform made for sales- and service people, by salespeople. We bring assured product skills and sales results together to target additional sales through enhanced skills. The key persons have combined over 50 years experience in global scale industrial- and service sales.  The SAP environment has always played a role as a core system in their field of operations. 

Boudin Analytics is the result after searching for a feasible platform for resolving the relationships between the skills of the personnel and the possibilities to generate additional sales through skills improvements.  We were not able to find one and so we decided to create our own Analytics Platform for meeting the high demands of large companies to be combined and scaled with the requirements of the SAP environment.  Based on this, we want to give new insights about the many circumstances that prevail behind the skills and performance.  

We know from experience, that it is much easier to control your training actions, than how to increase sales. Boudin Analytics can tell you, where tailored training has the best impact.  The solution gives for both HR and Sales Professionals a shared platform for working together towards mutual goals. Boudin Analytics is created around product specific skills, a proven approach that combines all your data about skills, targets, training scores, training content quality and sales financials for analysing the present situation of skills and making intelligent forecasts.  

We built the Boudin Analytics visualisations for monitoring of the skills and sales related to different products or services.  You need easy identification of exactly where single outlets or sales channels stand for enabling possible additional sales. 

So, when skills matter in your business, please contact us.


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