Systems Integration

Application integration can be used to connect the company's existing or acquired systems together in terms of selected functions. System integration can enhance data transfer and system collaboration as well as reduce overlaps in programs.

Integration allow the data in different systems to be combined and presented practically in portal solutions. For their part, portals facilitate and enhance the monitoring of the company's business activities and the use of different systems.

More cost-efficiency

We carry out integrations in accordance with the SOA architecture. The aim is to make independent systems that are unaware of each other communicate together automatically. Practical integration translates as cost-efficiency in the development and procurements of companies' information systems; procurements can be made on the basis of the best possible alternative, without needlessly committing to a single supplier.

Arcusys ESB integration service

Arcusys ESB integration service allows for a controlled and reliable message flow. The service integrates the message flow between companies together to form a managed and constantly monitored transmission path. This enables reliable data transmission in real-time, allowing each party to always act on the basis of valid and up-to-date information.

After the service is implemented and trialed, there is no need to communicate the required information by phone or enter it manually into the system because everything is automated. At the same time, the reliability of information is improved, as traditional data transmission problems, such as mistakes in manual entries, disappear. Additionally, constant monitoring of the message flow by the administrator ensures that the messages are received and that possible problems are swiftly addressed.

Solutions for reliable integration

Arcusys ESB is suitable for inter-company communication conducted in a specified form in almost any field of business. It is particularly well-suited for fields where administration, making entries, and transferring messages is currently very time-consuming, which in turn weakens the foundation for the timely accessibility of data.

Implementation of the service does not depend on the operational guidelines used by the company. Open interfaces enable the implementation of Arcusys ESB between large groups of systems.

Arcusys ESB in brief

  • Message transfer service for message flow between parties
  • Reliable data transmission in real-time between parties
  • Enhances operations and removes problems in message transfer
  • Constantly monitored service
  • Not dependant on the system used