During projects, we work in close cooperation with our customers, according to their needs. We work as a development partner, first mapping their needs and implementing the solutions, and then providing maintenance and further development. As an agile company, we can react to our customers' needs immediately and launch development work quickly.

Customer projects often begin with the customer's identification of the need to develop a particular operational model. Development proposals are also frequently initiated by the organization's interest groups. For example, the Finnish Federation of the Visually Impaired wished to employ visually impaired individuals as typists. This was the starting point for further developing the Dicteon dictation system from the perspective of visually impaired typists and, at the same time, enabled the founding of a new social enterprise, AnnanPura Oy.


The survey of customer needs usually begins with a consultation. A consultation allows us to create a long-term development plan for the customer and specify the extent of the project. It is important for the customer to identify the extent of the project and the necessary limitations already at the definition stage. Careful planning reduces expenses and ensures good time management.

Make a schedule

Large development projects can be divided into stages spanning over several years. This allows for only the most important development issues to be addressed in the first stages, after which long-term work can continue. Development work that is distributed over several years has its benefits, for example when the new systems involve extensive new operational models that the personnel and customers need to learn. Gradually realized changes are easier to adopt and implement. Development conducted in stages also helps the organization to budget and manage the implementation costs.

Remember further development

Further development is often conducted after implementation and is based on observations and the user experiences of the customer. This way, the customer does not pay for unnecessary features and systems are developed on the basis of genuine user experiences.

Utilize the training

In addition to the development projects, we offer our customers comprehensive training services for the implementation of the systems. The all-inclusive user trainings enable fast and efficient implementation and allow the organization to take full advantage of the system from the beginning.