FastROI Ltd. – software and service provider for electronic and wireless business operations. The range of services includes web-based enterprise resource planning and reporting systems for the special needs of the healthcare industry as well as locating and mobile work solutions that utilise mobile technology.  Versatile products enable electronic and wireless data collection and saving and transferring information between different data processing systems in real time.

Arcusys Ltd. is an innovative IT services company established in 2003. Arcusys specializes in expert IT services and information system solutions for the industrial and health care sectors as well as public administration.  Our services are based on our uncompromising goal – to boost our customer's business productivity and effectiveness, regardless of the sector that your company or organization works in.

Our all-inclusive portal solutions are based on Liferay's open source technology. System integration improves your freedom of choice and the cost-efficiency of our solutions. When you are in need of new perspectives from electronic transactions to supply chain management or e-commerce, Arcusys Ltd. is at your service!

The cornerstones of our business are customer-orientation, partnership, and openness. As a reliable portal expert and developer of the Arcusys Dicteon digital dictation system, we offer our customers specific applications that enable the best results for their needs.