Portal Solutions

The basis of Arcusys Ltd.'s portal solutions is Liferay, which is an advanced international open source portal platform. Due to its ready-to-use components and reliable functions, Liferay can be used to implement specific solutions to meet customer-specific needs.  As an open source platform, it meets the needs of organizations of any size and line of business.

The Liferay platform has already been developed internationally for almost ten years and enables the realization of portal solutions for both small and large organizations. With its ready-made components and functionality, Liferay can be used to produce diverse solutions for customer-specific needs.

Liferay provides several benefits and advantages as an open source solution:

  • Secure data and long-term maintenance
  • Inexpensive portal license, no major platform investments
  • Savings in implementation and maintenance costs
  • Further development and maintenance not dependant on the supplier
  • Easy integration possibilities through open interfaces


Industrial portals

  • Customer management portals
  • Sourcing portals
  • Financial and administration portals
  • Maintenance portals
  • Subcontracting management portals
  • Quality assurance portals

Efficient communication

Portals allow companies and communities to enhance communication and the exchange of information both within the organization and with interest groups. Portals also act as the organization's in-house tools, connecting separate systems together and gathering information from operational processes and various information systems. Information gathered efficiently from different sources, information systems and operational processes can be harnessed to serve our customer's business as effectively as possible.

The customer's individual needs provide the starting point for all portal implementations. Our Liferay technology enables the execution of demanding and multidimensional solutions without major system applications.

Examples of portal implementations:

  • Electronic transaction solutions
  • E-commerce solutions
  • Traditional websites
  • Intranet or extranet solutions that collect data
  • Order or supply chain management solutions