Mobile ERP

Improved utilisation of personnel, materials and vehicles:

  • Real time work monitoring through GIS-information
  • Automatic data transfer between applications
  • Applications for home care, elderlycare, road maintenance, industrial and infrastructure maintenance

Utilisation potential of mobile ERP

  • Wireless data collection, reporting and management
  • Automatic data transfer of outcomes into existing legacy systems
  • Work planning and monitoring
  • Securing the efficiency of subcontracting network
  • Traceability of information

FastROI RTM – Real Time Maintenance – Data collection and reporting system

FastROI RTM is a wireless data collection and reporting system designed for servicing and maintenance organisations. You can easily use the system with a regular mobile phone or attach it to a data terminal that best suits your purpose.

The system is used to gather information concerning completed assignments and geodata. Information on upcoming projects and tasks may also be added for planning purposes. The system can be used to report the completed assignments and the time and human resources used.

Monitor the use of your equipment in real-time!


Control and monitoring system for road network maintenance
The system provides a tool for e.g. conducting road surveys, inventories, distance measurements and road inspections as well as attaching image files and monitoring the completed assignments based on geodata. In terms of winter road maintenance, the system enables the detailed monitoring of various forms of work, such as the spreading of salt or sand on roads.

Maintenance and monitoring system for exercise venues
The system is designed for the maintenance of outdoor exercise venues and skiing tracks and enables the monitoring of servicing and maintenance in terms of different routes on a map. The collected data can be transferred directly to the online users via a connection with the website of the ski resort, city or municipality.

Electronic logbook
The electronic logbook is easy to use and is designed for monitoring the travel of personnel with mobile jobs. The system generates reports directly for the payroll administration either electronically or as hard copies.

Locating and monitoring system for vehicles and equipment
The system enables the monitoring of the geodata of vehicles and equipment in real-time. The system can also generate an electronic logbook. Transport companies can use route planning to select the quickest and most cost-effective route, which also provides savings in fuel and personnel expenses.


  • Maintenance organisations of streets and the road network
  • Earthmoving and excavation operators and companies
  • Servicing and maintenance organisations
  • Installation companies


  • Real-time monitoring and control of work based on geodata and circumstantial data
  • Reports for diverse purposes are generated easily and quickly by the system
  • Facilitates planning and implementation of servicing and maintenance tasks
  • Realised data is documented and geodata is included
  • Possibility to attach photographs and documents when planning or implementing work
  • Automatic data transfer between systems
  • Monitoring of working time and electronic logbook with geodata.