ALFRESCO document management

Alfresco offers a reliable and easy way for the overall management and versioning of the organization's documents. The documents are carefully archived and easily accessible to the entire organization. The efficient search feature for document names or content ensures quick and easy access to the material.

This system replaces old-fashioned file sharing and allows the documents from the entire organization to be accessible in real-time. Document accessibility can also be determined according to user groups.

Easier data management

Alfresco is suitable for different lines of business. Alfresco was designed for organizations that produce large quantities of documents, wish to improve data accessibility and reuse, as well as simultaneously ensure the storage of data.

This software is also suitable for sharing data outside the organization, such as distributing the manufacturer's product details to retailers and customers.

Benefits of Alfresco:

  • Easy to share data within the entire organization or within specified user groups
  • Reliable backups
  • Quick and easy document searches
  • Automation of versioning
  • Easy implementation