Virtual Workspace

A portal view is tailored according to the needs of the role of the user:

  • The user has an access to a variety of digital services with a single sign on
  • Utilizes continuous electronic processes
  • The data required by the user is automatically derived from various business systems
  • The user does not anymore need to master various information systems in order to utilize their information
  • Compiles the information from various data sources: reports, statistics, cubic data, various feeds etc…
  • Raw data is processed into business information

The virtual workspace provides the user with tools, databases, documents, connections and everything he needs in his daily work. The personalized work bench is built to utilize network services and all applications of the portal are available with the internetbrowser.

 The type of the terminal and the location of the user do not matter, because all applications of the portal are accessible by the user interface and keypad. Every user of the system has his own personalized view of the core business processes which takes place in the background all the time.

Everyone, regardless of his location, always gets the latest updates of information.  Such a practice brings a new equality between the users and makes even international job rotations possible.